Sunday, November 27, 2016


Today is the First Sunday of Advent, the preparation period before the birth of our Lord on Christmas.  It's also the first Sunday after Thanksgiving, so for even the biggest holiday stickler, it's OK to jump into Christmas decorating.  Goodness knows, I've seen a lot of trees on top of cars already.

At this time of year, the complaining begins about how secular Christmas has become.  You may think that's my theme with the title "Hijacked!".  No, I just don't see it that way.  This time of year has certainly been "hijacked," but it's Christ that has hijacked secular society, not the other way around.

By its very name, Christmas is about Christ.  Most people are well aware that it is the celebration of the birth of Christ.  It's the only religious holiday that is universally celebrated, not only by people of faith, but all people.  But isn't it too commercial? Maybe, but considering it is a day of family, decorating and gift giving, that's to be expected.  It is a birthday celebration.

Here's where Christ "hijacks" the secular holiday.  In addition to the universal celebration, gift giving and family time, everyone expresses the desire that the season bring goodwill and peace on earth.  That's EXACTLY what Christ brings: "Justice shall flower in his days, and profound peace, till the moon be no more."  Psalm 72: 7.  Don't let anyone tell you it's a secular holiday or is somehow based on a pagan celebration.  Regardless of the date, Christmas is the celebration of the coming of the light of the world, Jesus Christ, and He brings justice and peace.

As you go through the business of the "holiday season," just smile when you see how God has invaded the daily life of the world.  Use the time you spend decorating, or buying gifts or addressing Christmas cards and incorporate your preparation for the coming of Christ - say a prayer, show kindness to others and don't forget the less fortunate  It is possible to bring Christ into your daily life.

Enjoy the anticipation and get ready for the celebration.


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